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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Philosopher Hi, my name is Peter John Hartman. You an contact me at phartman@luc.edu. I am an Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department at Loyola University Chicago.

I have a B.A. (2003) from Goshen College and an M.A. (2005) and Ph.D. (2012) from the University of Toronto, where I wrote my dissertation (below) under the guidance of Peter King (supervisor), Martin Pickavé, and Deborah Black. I was a post-doc at the University of Quebec at Montreal with Claude Panaccio (2012-13) before I took up my position here in Chicago (2013). I will be on Research Leave during the Academic Year 2023-24, during which I will be a Senior Research Fellow at the Maimonides Centre for Advances Studies at the University of Hamburg.

My research concerns philosophy of mind and metaphysics during the High Middle Ages (1250-1350), with a special focus on Durand (Durandus) of St.-Pourçain (Durandus de Sancto Porciano) aka "The Most Resolute Doctor" (Doctor Resolutissimus). I also have an interest in the Second Scholastics, especially the early Jesuits who engaged with Durand's views.

I have two current research projects. The first is a book on skills and know-how during the High Middle Ages and Second Scholasticism. The second is a collaborative translation of John Buridan's monumental question-commentary on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, together with Zita Toth, Joseph Stenberg, Aline Ramos, and Daniel Cairns, under contract with Cambridge University Press.

I usually teach a graduate course on medieval philosophy in the Spring of each academic year on a variety of themes (e.g., Mind and Metaphysics, John Buridan's Philosophy of Mind, Skepticism, Francisco Suárez, Ethics, Consciousness, Justice, and Freedom of Choice). Every other year the graduate course has a special focus on Thomas Aquinas.

I have a profile at PhilPeople and PhilPapers which is up-to-date. My ORCiD is 0000-0001-5324-6061 but it sometimes is not up-to-date. Here is my curriculum vitae which is also sometimes not up-to-date.

On this website you will be able to see and download some of my publications (from PhilPapers). Elsewhere on this site, you will find some information on software I like.

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