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I have been an active member of the Linux community since I first installed the 1.1.13 kernel back in 1994 (on a pile of floppy disks). Over the years, I've also installed, run or administered alternative UNIX-style open-source operating systems, such as OpenBSD, MINIX, FreeBSD and NetBSD — and, against my will, various closed-sourced monsters like NT, Solaris and VAX/VMS. I prefer the BSD license over the various GPL ones; and I refuse to install closed-source software on my computers, nor will I recommend it if you ask.

My current Linux distributions are Archlinux (which I started using in 2017) and Alpine Linux and postmarketOS (which I started using in 2020 when I got my pinephone). Before this, I had been using Gentoo, since 2002. I've also had my run-ins with, in this order, Slackware (my first!), RedHat (before they went evil on August 11, 1999), SUSE and Debian.

I use vim to edit documents. (I used to use joe [Joe's Own Editor].) I use LaTeX to typeset them. I use zathura to view PDFs. I use git for version management. I use rsync to back things up. I use mutt to read e-mails. (I used to use pine and alpine.) I use msmtp to send e-mails. (I used to use sendmail.) I use mbsync to fetch e-mails. (I used to use offlineimap and fetchmail.) I use davmail to deal with MFA and my university's e-mail system (which sucks). I use apache as my web server. I use bash as my shell. I use tmux to manage my console sessions. (I used to use dvtm and abduco or screen.) I use mosh for persistent ssh connections. (I used to use autossh.) I use Xorg for my GUI. I use dwm as my window manager. I use st as my terminal. I use weechat for IRC and matrix. (I am wart_ or wart on those services.) I won't say which web browser I use because they all suck. When I can I use elinks and w3m.

On my main laptop, I usually work from bash within tmux within st within dwm within Xorg. I have a raspberry pi which manages backups and various services, such as apache. On my phone or tablet, I run sxmo, and I ssh into the pi to check my e-mail and chat via irc.

I enjoy the suckless.org philosophy on code (more or less Rob Pike's view).

I occasionally contribute to

I am a maintainer and contributor to

My preferred programming language is c and my preferred scripting language is bash. However, I do know, and have programmed in, C++, Java, perl, php, SQL and python. I hate javascript, CSS, and HTML.

Recently, I've become interested in e-ink devices. I currently own an Onyx Boox MAX Lumi (it has a dubious relationship with the open source community and should be avoided), and a pinenote (it runs linux!). I used to own a Sony DPT-RP1 (which I loved in form, although the software was closed source).

I've also recently become interested in linux on the phone, and own a pinphone and help maintain sxmo. I've been "daily driving" on my pinephone since 2020.

My current machines are
(2022-) Pinenote
(2020-) Pinephone
(2020-) Lenovo X1 Carbon (Gen 8)
(2020-) Lenovo X1 Yoga (Gen 3)
(2015-) Raspberry Pi version 3 Model B.

Previous machines:
(2019-2020) Lenovo X1 Carbon (Gen 6)
(2018-2020) Sony DPT-RP1
(2015-2019) Macbook Pro (2015 model)
(2012-2013) Lenovo Thinkpad x220
(2012-2015) Macbook Air (4,2)
(2012) Asus EEPC T91
(2012) Asus T91MT
(2012) Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet
(2012) Lenovo Thinkpad x60t
(2012) Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t
(2012) Archos 101;
(2011-2012) Asus EEPC 901
(2010-2019) Asus Transformer Prime TF201
(2008-2011) Asus EEEPC 701SD (I wrote my dissertation on this machine)
(2006-2008) Gateway MX6920
(2006-2007) Dell Desktop (can't remember)
(2004-2006) Powerbook G4.
... and a variety of machines now lost to the haze of time. My first machine was a 286.

Over the years, I have administered the full panoply of Internet servers and daemons, e.g.: MTA Servers (sendmail, postfix, qmail, msmtp), HTTP Servers (apache, squid), IMAP Servers (imapd), FTP Servers (wu-ftpd), SSH Servers (sshd), Backup Services (RAID, rsync), Databases (mysql, postgresql), LDAP Servers (slapd), DNS Servers (named, dhcpd), amongst others. (Prior to becoming a philosopher, I was employed in the computing field since 1996.)

I have a blog, but I don't use Web 2.0 applications, and neither should you.

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