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Durand Information (or "The Durandus Dungeon!!!")[1]

Durus Durandus jacet hic sub marmore duro,
An sit salvandus, ego nescio, nec quoque curo.

My research over the last few years has focused on Durand (Latin: Durandus de Sancto Porciano), a.k.a. the Doctor Modernus, a.a.k.a. the Doctor Resolutissimus, and in the process I've collected a number of resources on him and his foes, for instance, Hervaeus Natalis, Durandellus or "little Durand", Peter of Palude, Godfrey of Fontaines, Henry of Ghent, John Duns Scotus, Thomas Aquinas, Peter Auriol, John Capreolus, etc. I hope to make more resources available, but below is a start.

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